Monday, September 27, 2010

Friendships of the Heart

This past weekend showed me something that I never knew I really needed.  This weekend I saw 3 of my close friends.  All mothers, Godly women, beautiful, strong, all different.  I never realized how much I value friendship until this weekend.  I didn't realize how hungry I was for "girl time".

Friday night my sister-in-law, Erica, came over with my 2 nephews and niece.  She did not come empty handed either... She brought one of God's most precious gifts... BIRTHDAY CAKE!  My birthday was on Wednesday and she wanted to celebrate with me.  We didn't really have a deep conversation or talk about anything of huge significance but her company was so refreshing.

Saturday, Havah and I visited my dear friend, Anna Laura, who just had her first baby girl.  It was so much fun seeing my 5 month old and her 1 month old lay in the floor studying each other.  Again no deep conversation or amazingly powerful word from the Lord just spending time enjoying one another.

Sunday, Matt, Havah and I travel to Nashville, TN.  Hubby had been invited to speak at a church.  An added bonus was our good friends, Michael and Annie,  from college were there with their baby girl (Havah and their little one are only 8 days apart.)  We spent time relaxing and again enjoying one another.

I never realized that I had such diverse friends but somehow the Lord has woven them into the tapestry of my life so beautifully.  They each add a different dynamic to my life.  Erica provides a voice of wisdom, laughter, and a "let's just sit and hang out" kind of relationship.  She is kind of like the big sister I never had.  Anna Laura adds an innocence and inner beauty that shows me the soft, gentle side of the Lord.  And Annie contributes a deep longing for the presence of God and desire to spend time with the "Lover of my soul".

It is as if these women cause me to be more complete in who God wants me to be.  I think God was also showing me His heart toward me. Maybe He knows what I need even before I do.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Was Doubting Thomas Really Doubting?

My husband and I recently had a conversation about "Doubting Thomas" and it got me thinking.  You know, Thomas had gotten a really bad reputation throughout the years.  In my opinion, Thomas was a man of great faith.  Psalms tells us to "taste and see that the Lord is good."  Rather than seeing Thomas as doubting that Christ had really risen what if he was just looking for his own experience with the Son of God.  

A lot of times in my life, I want to use someone else's experiences with God instead of searching for my own.  I want to claim their relationship with Jesus as my own without taking the time to form my own intimate relationship.  If scripture tells us to taste and see then I should taste and see, not have someone else do it for me.  I believe the Lord WANTS to reveal himself to us and he is waiting for us to search him out. 

So when Thomas was asking to touch Jesus' nail scared hands maybe that was his way of "tasting and seeing" the Lord.  And you know what the best part is?  Jesus showed himself to Thomas.  Thomas was able to get his own experience and the opportunity to touch the risen One.  

So what would happen if we asked?  Would we experience our own supernatural breakthrough?  Would we see the heart of God?  Would we stop "riding on the coat tails" of others and have our own story to tell?  

From now on, maybe I will no longer think of Thomas as a doubter but rather see him as a reminder of how desperately God wants to show Himself to us. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

I am a blogger!

I have been following other's blogs for a few years now and have finally made the plunge of having my own.  This new adventure was inspired by my mother-in-law.  Here is the story.

While I was pregnant with our first little girl, Havah Joy,  I sent out what I affectionately called our "Baby Updates".  These weekly updates were nothing more than my attempts to keep all family members (and there were a bunch)  up to date with what was taking place in the womb and in our lives.  I would send out weekly updates with approximate length, weight and other fun facts involving our bun in the oven.  I finally noticed that I was looking forward to these weekly updates peppered with humorous comments and random thoughts.  Little did I know, my family was also expecting the updates.  Once they had actually become somewhat hostile because I had missed a week.  Let's just say I did not miss another week.

So here we are...4 1/2 months after the birth of our little lady and once again I am looking for an outlet to express my ideas, emotions, random comments and maybe, on occasion, a deep thought or two.  As a special treat, my husband may chose to chime in once in a while as he is my sounding board, source of laughter and best friend.  Please bare with me as we venture through this blogging world together....I'm a newby.