Monday, May 14, 2012

9 months!

No I am not pregnant.  It has been 9 months since my last post!  Time has passed very quickly.  I read a few post from my blog when I first started and I got the fever, the blogging fever.  :)  Call it nostalgia, call it therapy, call it whatever you want but I feel the need to start blogging again.  So let's catch up!

Havah has just turned 2!

Josiah is now 11 months old!  He will be 1 in 3 weeks!  WOW!

Things are beautiful.  Things are hectic at times.  Things are challenging.  Things are developing.  Since my last blog, I have quit my job and am now a full time mommy.  Staying at home with the kids has been such a blessing however I will not lead you to believe that I am super mommy and have no problems, issues or frustrations.  So I thought I would share a few things that I have learned having 2 children and a wonderful husband.  Some are funny, some are not but all are true.  

Things I have learned in 9 months:

1. Two babies = lots of noise
2. I have to run the dishwasher once a day.  (I would like to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am to have a dishwasher!  If we did not, we would be eating the not-so-eco-friendly way.)
3. Sometimes I feel as though we have a breeding ground for clothes.  Laundry...never ends!
4. When you have 2 babies they share lots of things, even germs.  Twice as many trips to the doctor.  
5. You get to say lots of new phrases like, "Havah, let's not ride your brother like a horse." and "Josiah, please don't lick mommy's shoes."  
6. Going to the movies on a date becomes a chance to catch up on some sleep.
7.  I have laughed at the many creative things a two year old can come up with. 
8. My heart still melts when I get a hug from Havah, Josiah, and Matt :)  
9. It takes work to make it work.  
10. I wouldn't change ANYTHING!

Our daughter's name means life and she is certainly full of it!  She doesn't walk, she runs everywhere.  She doesn't do anything slowly or quietly.  She likes for us to sing to her before she goes to bed.  We sing a medley (that she came up with) that is mixed with spiritual, educational and fun.  It consist of, Jesus Loves Me, Itsy Bitsy Spider (with the motions) , E-I-O (Old McDonald with 2 verses a duck and pig), Deep and Wide (with the motions) and ABC's.  She would probably make us sing more but I don't think she knows any more names of the songs.  Whenever we go to my parent's house she watches The Sound of Music and knows the words to The Hills Are Alive.  It takes her a little while to warm up to new people and she is quick with an opinion.  She likes to choose her sippy cup and her clothes for the day.  Sometimes she does a great job picking out what she wants to wear...other times she ends up wearing a tutu, panties on top of her diaper and tennis shoes for a week and a half.  She doesn't like to cuddle unless she is just getting up from a nap but when she wants to give you a hug she will tackle you to let you have it.  

Here she is with her tutu, skinned up knees and mommy's socks.

Josiah is so laid back.  People always describe him as "sweet" and he is!  He is so cuddly, squishy and loving.  He is quick with a smile but definitely a momma's boy right now.  He only as 2 teeth right now and is trying to walk but lacking a little bit of confidence.  He blows kisses, waves bye bye (backwards), and claps.  Matter of fact, he claps for just about anything, when he stands up, when Havah slides down a slide or when he burps.  I hope we are not setting low standards of success.  haha He has a special bond with my grandmother (GiGi).  I have had to ask her to keep him on several different occasions and she tells me every time, "Kimberly, we don't answer the phone or the door because this is our special time. I tell him about what's going on in the world."  There is no telling what she is telling him but he is always happy when I pick him up and is quick to go to her when we see her again.  He loves to watch Havah and his other cousins play and desperately wants to get in the mix but can't quite keep up yet.  He is a big boy, there is only 4 pounds difference between him and his older sister.  When I was pregnant with him, Matt and I prayed that he would be a man of quiet wisdom and soft hearted to the voice of the Lord.  He is so soft hearted.  We had to tell him to stop playing with the fireplace a few days ago and you would have thought we took him out back and beat him.  He cried so hard.  I think it hurt his feelings.  We thought he would be quiet and more introverted however we are beginning to have second thoughts about that assessment.  

This is his first finger painting session.  

So now that we have caught up, let's see if we meet sooner than 9 months.  What do you think?  

Until next time (whenever that is),