Monday, September 17, 2012

Nostalgia, talking, playing, and other random stuff

Had a moment of reality this weekend.

Josiah received a swing for his birthday in June.  We still have not put it up so I decided this was to be put on the "honey done" list.  (I call it "honey done" because I like to check it off my list and not just have it on there for who knows how long.  I only place things on this list that WILL get done gives me a feeling of accomplishment haha.)  Anyway, Matt took Havah to Lowe's to get the chain while Josiah and I picked up some last minute groceries for our family reunion.

While I was inside making a delicious peanut butter pie (thank you Erica) Matt was put in charge of hanging the swing with the kids.  A few minutes later I looked outside to see my husband... pushing our little the swing... in our front yard... of our house!  OH what a moment of nostalgia!  I asked myself, "Am I really old enough to be experiencing this moment?"  The answer was a resounding yes!  So I did what any mother would do...I cried.  Tears of joy of course but it was such a touching time.  I know I am cheesy but it seems so significant to me.  I feel like we are not only establishing ourselves as adults but as parents.  Such a sweet memory.

Havah and Josiah have loved the swing so far.  Josiah gets a little upset when it is Havah's turn to swing but he enjoys when Havah tries to push him.  She really just hangs on the bottom of it so she can swing too.  haha Whatever makes them happy right :)

Havah is expanding her vocabulary everyday now.  I can't believe some of the things she can say and do.  She can make me laugh and scream all in the same breath.  Here is her newest "funny".  She will tap me on the shoulder or leg or anything just to get my attention and say "Mommy, I talkin'."  Then she will proceed with a mouthful of jibberish with only one or two words recognizable.  It is so funny because I am sure that is what it sounds like to her when we talk right now.  She can pick up one or two words but the rest sounds like a bunch of mush.  I try to let her "talk" as long as she wants but it makes me laugh every time.  Here is a video of her singing to us in the car.

She and Josiah share a room of course, which I really like because I love hearing them laugh at each other when they wake up in the morning.  Havah enjoys making Josiah laugh but also really likes to aggravate him too.  (She comes from a long line of aggravators on Matt's side of the family so she gets it honest.)  Recently she has taken to putting everything she can think of in his crib.  He might be asleep or he might not.  She has put every stuffed animal in his bed before and he won't have anywhere to lay down.  She puts books, dirty clothes, shoes, pretty much whatever she can reach goes in his crib.  So now I scan the room for anything that could be potentially dangerous.  This is how we found Josiah a few nights ago.

Bless his heart.  But he doesn't usually seem to mind.  
Since I now know how to post video here is one of the kids playing in the rental van.  It is amazing what amuses them. 

It seems there was something else I was going to blog about today but I guess I will just post this last picture instead. ......

WaHoo!!!!  You guessed it!  We are expecting baby number 3!  We could not be any happier about this pleasant surprise.  We are 9 weeks so our due date is April 20, 2013!  YAY!  I had my suspicions earlier in August but brushed it off.  I scheduled to have another proceeder done on my ear however when my pregnancy test came back positive the nurse politely informed me that I would not be put to sleep that day.  haha.  We were so excited but kinda in disbelief too...hence the 3 other pregnancy tests. haha So here is the first picture of baby number 3!