Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dreaming again

Let me start with announcing that come April we will be welcoming another baby BOY!  Wahoo!  We are so excited!  We wanted the gender to be our Christmas gift to each other.  We knew we would be unable to keep the secret if we found out during the ultrasound so we decided to let Matt's brother, Zach and our sister-in-law, Erica be the bearers of our delicate news.  We had the ultrasound technician check boy or girl on an index card and put the picture of the "goods" in an envelope and we sent it directly to them.  On Christmas Eve, Matt and I opened the gift only to find we were being sent on a mini scavenger hunt.  In the little box we discovered a riddle sending us upstairs to find a huge box that had been hidden earlier that day.  We immediately took it downstairs and were even more excited and anxious to open it.  When we opened it, the inside was covered with blue and white baby feet tissue paper, blue and "It's a boy" balloons.  Erica also made adorable onesie "cupcakes".  We were so excited and so grateful to Zach and Erica for making it so special for us.  It was definitely worth the wait.

It is hard to believe that 2012 is already gone and we are well into 2013.  I read a friend's blog recently and she set 13 goals for 2013.  I thought, "What a great idea!"  Let me say that I am not one for goals.  In high school and college I hated it when people would ask me what I wanted to do when I graduated.  I think it had to do with the commitment of it and the disappointment in myself if I didn't accomplish what I had set up.  However, with some inner healing :) I have been able to overcome that fear. So anyway, Matt and I sat down a few nights ago and wrote out our 13 goals for 2013.  I wanted to share them with you because it has stirred something inside of me.  THE DREAM!  The dream of seeing past hopes fulfilled.  To see things that I thought were not possible become possible.  To actively pursue opportunities that come into our path.  No more excuses, such as "what about the kids?", "what about money?", "what will other's think?"  Now hear me.  I am not saying we will be foolish with our decisions but more free to believe for what has been promised to us.  We believe God has set our hearts on a journey together and what better time than now to pursue the adventure.  Some of our goals are practical and some will take a lot of work.  We will see how we do at the end of 2013.  So here you have it our 13 goals to 2013.  

1. Receive complete healing from my inner ear battle. 
2. Invite more people over to our home. 
3. Gain and maintain better control of our finances.
4. Do one random act of kindness a month.
5. Go on a date with each other at least once a month (can include children).  
6. Become less dependent on electronic entertainment (including TV, iPod, Movies, iPhones etc.)
7. Have a family worship night at least once a quarter and schedule it. 
8. Kimberly to lead worship and Matt to speak more frequently. 
9. Weekly one on one time with each child. 
10. Start a small group.
11. Memorize a minimum of 6 scriptures. 
12. Matt have some sort of workout system.  Kimberly reduce caffeine intake.  
13. Dream again.  

Thank you Song for the great idea of setting some goals.  Hopefully this has awakened a dream in you too.  If it has, please feel free to share.  I have noticed that when I share an idea or hope with someone it becomes more real and attainable.  So Happy New Year and Dare to Dream Again!

Havah and Josiah chillin in their new chairs from Grandy.  

Our family 2012

Me and my beautiful sister-in-law, Erica

Havah being silly with Uncle Zach

Me and Josiah on Christmas Eve.