Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We got to go to the doctor yesterday to get our first view of our newest addition!!!  I don't care how many times I see that unrecognizable little peanut on the screen, it moves my heart every time.  We heard the heart beating at 118 beats per minute and had a slight change in due date.  Just a week later, we can now expect our new addition around June 15!

I decided to call one of my closest friends from college, ShaRhonda to share the good news with her but little did I know she had some news of her own!  She is pregnant as well!!!  This will be her fourth baby but the great part is that we will be due within a week of each other!  I just love how the Lord allows you to walk through different phases of life with the people you love.  With our first born, we had our good friends Michael and Annie to go through the pregnancy with and now ShaRhonda and Isaiah!  We are thrilled!

So today I had some big plans to go to St. Clair County for work and it was going to be a late night for me getting home.  Matt, my husband, usually hates my late nights of work because we don't get to spend much time together.  Well, the weather had other plans and the trip was cancelled due to tornadoes sweeping through our area.  (I don't mind trips being cancelled for that.)  Anyway, I have been at home this afternoon  after getting held at my daughter's daycare because the tornado sirens were going off and they wouldn't let me leave.  I decided to take some time to spend with Havah and not worry about the never ending pills of laundry, the dishes that have that weird smell or the floors that somehow ALWAYS end up sticky.  And I must say....I really like this playing with my daughter and housework later kind of day!  Mine and Matt's plan has always been for me to go part time working when we have our second child.  So I have had a preview as to what it might be like in a little less than 9 months.  I think I like it.  Currently, Havah is taking her afternoon nap, I have a cake in the oven (strawberry cake that will have cream cheese icing..yummy), planning meatloaf, mashed potatoes, sweet peas and rolls for supper, and I writing on my blog page...WHAT?!  It feels so natural.  Even on a Saturday it just doesn't feel like this.  It kinda makes me wonder, "What is God up to?"

Of course, there are no plans currently of going part time in the near future but I certainly am warming up to the idea.  So if you happen to think of it, send up a little prayer for wisdom and provision for our ever growing family.

Since my beautiful daughter is singing to me (crying) through her monitor, I will go for now but the thought still stands.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday~First Timer

This is my first attempt at the Menu Plan Monday although I feel like I have done it for quite some time now.  Let me make my disclaimer before I give you my menu.  My sister-in-law, Erica, and I are involved in Once a Month Cooking.  We started it in July and have really enjoyed not only the food but also the time with each other.  She lives about an hour away from us so it is very nice getting to catch up with her.

We had our monthly cooking day on Saturday so my freezer and pantry is full, which makes me feel so accomplished and very Martha "Stewarty".  So here goes:

Monday: Chicken Alfredo with Zucchini
Tuesday: Late night at work so the Hubby and I are on our own.
Wednesday: Salmon Patties, Mac and Cheese and Peas
Thursday: Chicken and Tortilla Soup
Friday: Down to Birmingham for BBQ
Saturday: Weekend at my parents
Sunday: Left overs from Mom and Dad's

So there it is my menu for this week.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Additions

This week has been filled with exciting events.  I am an aunt...again!  My nephew Christopher Perrin was born Monday, October 11 at 8:00 PM.  He is a hefty 7 pounds 10 ounces and 21 3/4 inches long.
Christopher Perrin

Although I have not gotten to hold the little man yet I have heard several great stories of how sweet he is...and squishy :).

The other news is that our five month old, Havah, is going to be a BIG SISTER!  That's right, we are pregnant!  We are absolutely thrilled!  I am approximately 6 weeks along and an estimated due date of June 8, 2011.  The interesting thing is that we found out about Havah on October 3, 2009 and we found out about this baby on October 8, 2010.  So our little ones will be around 14 months apart!  I can't wait and my husband...he hasn't stopped smiling since I told him.  

Yes, I took 3 tests just to be sure:)  

Friday, October 8, 2010


My daughter, Havah, is five months old.  Since she has arrived, has been a source of joy, love, laughter, and frustration ( can I say that?  Well it's true.)  She never ceases to amaze me with her smiles and odd facial expressions.  Well anyway, this week has been a week of milestones for my little one.  She has learn to reach for people and she has finally rolled over.  I have been amazed at her determination in achieving these tasks.  She has been working on rolling over for about two months now.  And it seemed like even she was relieved when she rolled over and saw her new perspective.  I never realized how proud I could be of another person (even if she doesn't know why we acting so crazy.)  Then I thought about how God feels about us!

What a neat thought?!  You know when we have to go through the same challenge over and over and over again and finally we get it.  Just think...if I am THAT excited about my daughter rolling over then how excited must our Heavenly Father get when we get to our milestones.  He is our biggest cheerleader, our number one fan, our deepest source of encouragement.  So many times I think of God as a task master, a judge or disciplinarian when in reality he is sitting beside us saying, "You can do it, you can do it.  Keep going!"