Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're getting closer...

Well now that our one year old has almost mastered her walking abilities it has caused my hubby and I to become a lot more active.  From walking/running through the yard to moving the various items out of reach from her octopus arms, our responsibility level has definitely increased.  Let me say, I enjoy more than anything watching Havah learn and discover her new found abilities.

She is so much fun.  I know, I know, she is ours, but really if you knew her she really is a lot of fun.  She is becoming more independent so she doesn't want to be held as much and she is expressing her emotions a lot more.  (AKA temper tantrums)  It is hard to know exactly how do deal with them.  I mean do you let her just throw her little fit or do you try to distract her to get her mind off of what she if fussing about to begin with.  Not really sure.  Experimenting in progress.  We will let you know.

My progress is....well...progressing.  We are currently 37 weeks pregnant!  This is the farthest we have been in pregnancy.  With Havah we only made it to 35 weeks so the uncertainty of what to expect for labor  is mounting.  Everyday we get closer.  I have to say, I don't feel very prepared however I don't know if you can ever be prepared to have a baby.  My list of things I want to get done continues to expand as my memory of what I want to get done continues to diminish.

For example, on Monday I was leaving the house to get to work by 8:30ish and realized I did not have my keys.  So I got Havah out of her car seat to try and look for them.  I ended up looking for 45 minutes for my keys.  I mean, moving the couch and bed, crawling on the floor so I could be eye level with where Havah may have dropped them....45 minutes looking.  Then I discovered them right as I was calling my in-laws to come get me...on the COUNTER!!!!  The whole time I searched they were almost taunting me, every time I groaned and moaned trying to stand and squat back down to look, again, under the bed they laughed.  Very funny you may say, not to a 9 month pregnant woman.  I cried when I couldn't find them then cried when I did.  Looking back it is funny but in the moment, not so much.

So as for us, we are getting closer.  Closer to expanding our family and closer to being busier and more full than ever.  So exciting.  Can't wait.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Havah Joy!!

Our little girl is ONE!!!  Can you believe it?!  I sure can't.  In light of the tornados that ripped through the state of Alabama, we had something to celebrate.  First of all, we have our lives and our home.  Secondly, we have our little girl growing up right in front of our eyes.

Let me say, Havah is one spunky little girl.  She has started taking staggered, unsteady first steps.  She is becoming more and more brave even using things like a piece of paper to try to stand on.  It is quite funny to watch as she explores her independence and her ever expanding capabilities.

On her birthday, April 28th we did not have electricity so Matt and I were both off work.  We got the privilege of spending all day with the Birthday Girl.  She was so happy.  We really didn't do anything special other than be a family but I must say it was so enjoyable.  Matt mowed the yard and Havah and I played in the sunshine.  She would take a nap, get back up reenergized and we would play even harder than we did before.  

She loves her mommy and daddy!

As I mentioned we were without lights for a few days but it was actually not too bad.  We have a gas water  heater so we still were able to take showers and wash dishes.  We also have a gas fireplace in which we cooked hotdogs one night.  We just looked at it as camping indoors.

 We decided to go ahead and have Havah's birthday party on Saturday, even in the dark.  We were going to have it outside anyway so why not have everyone together to get our minds off of the destruction that was all around us.  I think it was almost therapeutic for everyone.  We were able to laugh and talk and the "big kids" even played a game of kickball.  (Yes, even I played at 33 weeks pregnant.  That was a sight to see.  I will have to post pictures later. )

Havah LOVED her birthday cake and we got some awesome pictures of her digging around in it.  She even had her very own personal cake that her Bella (my mom) made her.  She got a few new outfits, a baby doll, a few books and a music set.

Again, I can't believe a year has pasted since she entered the world.  She has brought life and joy; smiles and laughter; a deeper understanding of how much God loves us and a world of wonder and expectancy for the things to come.

Havah Joy, we are so thankful to have a beautiful little girl like you!  You are a light to be around.  You love music and clap with delight when you hear someone sing.  You love to be thrown in the air and slobber all over everything.  You already have a heart for the Lord because you respond even physically.  May you continue to hear and follow the move of the Holy Spirt.  May you give your whole heart, soul, mind and strength to the wooing of the One who loves you beyond comprehension.  We love you sweet girl!  Happy 1st Birthday!