Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seeing changes

Our little one, Havah Joy is now a very energetic 9 months old.  She has learned all kinds of "tricks" over the past few months.  Her personality is growing everyday and we are beginning to see traces of what, we think, will be a very fun, spirited little lady.

I was giving her a bath tonight and she has discovered that she can crawl in the bathtub now.   Before, she had a difficult time going from the sitting position to the crawl position and vise versa, but now...she is making up for lost time.  So as I watched her explore her new capability I couldn't help but think of how the Father looks at us.  I know I have gone down this thought process before but bare with me for a moment.

When I look at my little girl, I see her developing and discovering new wonders everyday.  I see her find new ways to get around, new sounds to make, new foods to taste.  She is exploring and enjoying it.  I think of how Father God looks at us and sees us "find new ways to get around, new sounds to make, and new foods to taste."  I think of how Havah will slip in the bathtub and hit her head (like she did tonight, don't worry she is fine.)  I think of how I slip and fall and how God loves and comforts me just the same.

I look forward to every milestone that Havah reaches.  I know that God looks forward to the milestones that I reach.  The funny thing is, is that it doesn't happen over night, and I don't want it to.  Although sometimes I want to be everything that God wants me to be...RIGHT NOW!  And even more so, I want others to be everything they should be RIGHT NOW!  And just like it is not reality for Havah to go from crawling to doing physics in a day; it is not reality for me to expect others to go from singing "Jesus loves me" to memorizing the New Testament in a day.

I give myself more grace to make changes than I do for others.  So maybe I should take a lesson from Havah and just enjoy the milestones and see the "small things" as progress not only for myself but also for others.  


  1. Thanks for the reminder! I love how God is teaching me more about Himself now that I have Lily. Well, maybe I'm just recognizing it more. I don't want Lily to grow up all at once and that's a great reminder for what I should expect out of myself and others in our journeys of faith. Thank you again for the reminder. Blessings!! Joanna Newberry

  2. Growth is not a "fast" word is it?

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    I love you.