Friday, December 3, 2010


Well it has been a little while since my last post and lots has happened.  For starters, I am now in my second trimester of our second pregnancy.  And let me just say it has been TOTALLY different this go round.  I am definitely not complaining!  With my first pregnancy, I was pulling over on the side of the road to "loose my lunch".  This go around, just nauseous when I get hungry!  Thank you Jesus!

Secondly, Havah is now 7 months old with two cute little teeth and is scooting around the house getting into whatever she pleases.  Don't get me wrong, she is still not crawling but she is getting where she wants to go.  

We celebrated our Thanksgiving holiday with my family.  It was a blast!  We ate too much food, spent lots of time with family and too much money shopping the day after Thanksgiving. (Yes my mom and I have a tradition to get in the day after Thanksgiving craziness.)  I also got to meet my sweet little nephew Perrin.  He really is a cutie.

Lastly, we put up our first Christmas tree in our new house this past weekend.  Matt and I were like little kids.  He always puts the lights on the tree (he does such a great job and I hate it) and then we both put the ornaments on it.  It is gorgeous if I do say so myself :)  We have an eight foot tree with white lights sitting in the middle of our living room.  Havah has really enjoyed looking at the lights and being curious about why in the world there is a tree in the middle of the house.  We are slowly but surely finishing up our  living room.  We have our blinds up, the mantle in (just in time to hang the stockings), and a new rug.  So now all we have left is the fireplace logs (which my dad will hook up for us this weekend).  I can just envision Matt and I snuggled by the fire with our hot chocolate.  Sounds wonderful.

So now you are updated on the highlights.


  1. That is so great that you're not having as much *morning sickness* this time around...may be a boy:))
    Your house looks just gorgeous, btw!!

  2. Thank you Lora. Everyone has said boy this time around. We find out in January. The house is coming along nicely. It still feels like there is so much to do. But we are getting there.