Thursday, August 30, 2012

Catching up

Please forgive me, I am awful at keeping up with this blogging thing.  I get inspired then I quickly loose motivation to write although I love it so much.  Whatever, I'm just happy I got a blog in this month.

So we will catch up a little bit this time.  Havah and Josiah have quiet the little personalities right now so I think I will share a few stories with you.

Lately Havah and I have been reading her little Bible before nap and bedtime.  This was her idea to read the Bible, usually it is 2 books of her choosing but lately she only wants two stories from the Bible.  I thought, "I'm not going to argue with her good choices."  Anyway, she has loved looking at the pictures and asking TONS of questions.  It's funny how a 2 year old's mind works.  We were reading about David and Goliath and she kept saying, "No, No David not nice throw rocks!"  Then in another story someone died and she kept saying they were going night night.  Again I didn't argue I just let her make her own conclusions.  

A few days ago she had fallen off the diaper changing table (don't ask I feel bad enough that I didn't catch her).  She landed right on her head.  I was pretty upset because again I didn't catch her and I left her up there unsupervised.  So needless to say she let out a soft whimper.....yeah right....she screamed at the top of her lungs and proceeded to scream for a good 3 minutes with big crocodile tears streaming down her face.  So I decided to take this as an opportunity to teach her.  I asked her if she wanted me to pray for Jesus to make it feel better.  She said yes, so I did.  Just a simple prayer, "Jesus please make Havah feel better and let her head not hurt anymore.  Amen."  She went on to tell Daddy that she "bump the head" and that was the end of it.  The next day I was carrying her and she head-butted me in the mouth (on accident).  I told her that that hurt and without missing a beat she said, "Mommy, me pray for it.  Jesus mommy's mouth be better.  Amen."  OH!  The joy and pride that filled my heart was overwhelming!  The innocence of her prayer and the sureness that that was the appropriate thing to do was so sweet.  This is one proud momma!

So we were hanging out on the front porch last night and she saw how much fun it was to stick the bubble wand in between the slats of the porch.  Well it wasn't long guessed it....she dropped it.  So she walked down the stairs and looked under the porch with a puzzled look on her face like, "now how am I going to do this."  She asked Matt if he would get it and Matt informed her that it was too far back and he couldn't reach it.  Again, without hesitation, she looked up at the sky and said, "Jesus you get bubbles please?"  Gasp!  So sweet!  Matt found a way to get that bubble wand for her.  What's funny is that Matt and I have not really talked to her about where Jesus and God live.  We just pray throughout the day and I guess the Holy Spirit does the rest.  haha

We were on our way to the park today and she asked me if we were going to drive to Jesus' house. my driving that bad?! hehe (Matt would say yes)

 Josiah's serious face

 Havah "laying out" 

Me and my girl

Josiah is growing and developing as well.  He is imitating Havah during our meals.  She will blow on her food if it is hot and so does Josiah.  Everything is Dada right now.  He has gotten pretty fast walking/running.  He can almost keep up with Havah and his other cousins when they run down the hall.  He is still very sensitive to loud noises and if I have to fuss at him.  He gets his feelings hurt when I get onto him but can make the funniest faces when he doesn't understand something.  He loves being chased and giggles the whole time you get him.  When he wants something he bangs on his chest like a gorilla and goes, mama.   

This boy is a wanderer.  He just wanders aimlessly around until he finds something that is interesting to him.  While Havah is running in circles he just casually walks and picks up things to put in his mouth.  haha He has started aggravating Havah too.  She has her blanket that doesn't leave her side when we are at home and he knows that.  So he will grab it when she isn't looking and run down the hallway with it until she notices.  Then she pushes him down and he cries.  Wow can't wait to see what else he will be doing to her in the coming years.

A few weekends ago I surprised Matt with a trip to see the Atlanta Braves play the LA Dodgers.  He had no idea.  I arranged everything from the hotel, the game tickets and the babysitting.  We had a nice little getaway.  Although the Braves lost, I was just proud of the seats I picked out.  They were awesome!    

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