Monday, July 23, 2012

Quality Time with My Babies

For every parent you know that there are times do I say this gently?... Your kids get on your nerves.  Not trying to be mean but I have certainly experienced this frustration recently.  Havah is 2 and Josiah is 13 months so I should expect for my patience to be a little thin at times but wow!  I keep thinking, "Will this season ever end?!"  What is funny is that my kids are so wonderful (I know this is a bias comment) that they still want to hang out with me, love me and be around me even when I am not so errrr...long-suffering.

So this past Friday I decided that I need to spend some time with Havah.  Just one on one, me and the girl.  We went to a place called the Little Gym where they teach little ones different developmental skills, sing, dance and of course get to play on all the pint sized gymnastics equipment.  Havah is extremely active and will try just about anything with a little encouragement.  This class was a pretty large class with about 12 kids plus their parents.  She was apprehensive at first but, my goodness, she LOVED it!  The instructor was so full of energy and bubbly that every time she opened her mouth Havah would stop what she was doing and listen.  (Maybe I need to try that to get her to listen)  I have to say I was one proud momma.  She flipped and jumped and ran and laughed. Of course, I was thinking "She has to be the most advanced first timer they have ever seen!" (please catch the stereotypical "my kid can do anything and do it the best" sarcasm)  I caught myself grinning and enjoying my 2 year old!!!  I mean, is that possible?  To enjoy a 2 year old?  :)  Just kidding but after the past few weeks I had had I was beginning to wonder.  So for the rest of the day she was my buddy. I couldn't go anywhere without Havah being right under me.  I had to take her to the potty and I had to give her her juice.  No one else would do.  I have to be honest it kinda made me feel good.  She still loves me!  :)

Well later on that day while Havah was taking her nap (I think it took her maybe 3 minutes to go to sleep) Josiah didn't feel that nap time was something that needed to be on his agenda.  So what did I do?  I got him on the lawnmower.  Since I have been staying at home I have offered to cut the grass and not make Matt do it.  He works so hard throughout the week, I didn't want that to be something extra he had on his plate.  We have a little over 3 acres so that is a lot of responsibility.  Ok truth be told, I enjoy getting to be outside, working on my tan, and listening to podcasts.  It is my own little escape during nap time.  Anyway, so I had Josiah out cutting grass with me.  It was such a sweet moment.  He loved it.  He would hold onto the steering wheel, laugh when we hit bumps, and at one point almost fell asleep.  I didn't have to do anything special I just needed to be with him.  That is all he cared about.

I so enjoyed my kids.  I got to spend one on one time with both of them.  It couldn't have come at a better time.  I needed to see my kid's personality and childlikeness.  I forget sometimes that they are children and they act like children.  I forget that they don't reason like I do.   They don't do things just to disrespect me or get on my nerves.  I am so thankful for that special opportunity.  Now if I can just remember this when things begin to unravel again. :)

Sorry didn't take any pictures of gymnastics or the lawnmower ride but this was the same day.  Does that count?  

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  1. Love your post! So, so sweet! I love those sweet kiddos. They are just precious. I emailed you the webinar tonight...sorry I forgot about it! I wish I could have seen Josiah's face on the lawnmower. It sounds like they both had a blast having Mommy all to themselves!